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“Any problem that [Liberalism] faces must be solved through manipulation and re-defining problems/challenges in terms that are susceptible to manipulation; it ignores or fails to recognize problems/challenges that cannot be resolved by manipulation”

This is a key point. Look at Chicago black on black crime for example.

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this is fantastic

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Great work. Love Mr. Francis' work. Thank you so much for summarizing this long book. I will read your summary a few times. Such a dense article. I have been reading his books from the kindle editions on Amazon. (As well as Joseph Sobran). I hope more people find your work, you've worked so hard on this. I also read CJ Hopkins, and Pedro Gonzalez here on substack. I think your uni-party is being addressed by Mr. Hopkins also. He's a far left fellow, but writes about how the political culture is unifying under one pro-market (no religion or culture to oppose the market), and that all dissent is considered radicalism. Also an article a few days ago on The Upheaval by NS Lyons, about state media is talking of this uni-party deep state. Thank you very much Sir!

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There are 2 beasts. Leviathan and Behemoth, little know fact both beasts hate the other and their fruit is always DIVISION. Left and right. Old and young. Government and corporation. Debt and debtor. There is ALWAYS a third option, but it requires forgiveness.

Let him without sin throw the first stone.

Love your enemies.

Many on the left are spiritually sick, this often manifests as mental illness. There is no honor in slaughtering a soul in such a state of pitiful weakness. These people need help, we should not be condemning them or turning them away.

They deserve to be shown MERCY, just as much as you did when you were persecuted. Otherwise those who set the standard for the moral high ground will stand against you and you will fall. This is wisdom.

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