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Have you ever read Paul Kingsnorth's writing? I recommend it to you. Almost all is subscriber only, but maybe you can do a free day trial to see this one:


He is writing about the flattening of culture.

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I had a conversation with a fellow at work. He said, "see I'm a worrier Andrew. That's what I do. I can't stop myself." I said, if I were a Genie, and could wave a magic wand to take away all your worries, how would you define yourself? "I don't know." I said, that's what you have to figure out. You have to re-define yourself. You need somewhere to go.

I don't know. But I thought it was helpful. It makes me thing of drug addicts, that get born again. They have re-defined themselves.

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I like your work and subject matter.

Two comments where I would counter you if we were in a conversation

1. "once you become aware of what it is, how it’s working, why it’s working, the ways it has been conditioned over time, the ways it should actually be working."

The ways you describe as being at work are the ways the ego is supposed to work. The problem is weak superego.

My point is that the ego and ego control methods are not where the" war" is taking place, rather the war is still over values but we have reached the place where the last taboos and the fundamental pillars of the west are the battlefield and a lot of people don't know which side they are on

This confusion plays out at work as you say, but corporate values are presenting more on the side of wellbeing than productivity. So the example of Mr Don't Giveafuck is actually what is being encouraged and not working hard. The incentives are perverse and the west cannot afford lower productivity.

2. Behind the scenes, the uniparty is causing this self destruction by self indulgence

The uniparty have total control of the narrative because only where there is a narrative there is a uniparty. I'd posit 9/11 as the start of this current regime. The control methods are straight out of 1930s Germany. It is now too obvious, since the lockdown, and people are questioning it all.

Images, yes, what is your image of you in your own head? That is the battlefield, are we weak and seek wellbeing or are we strong and seek our own survival?

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Attack the cornerstone? Jesus Christ himself is the Chief cornerstone... You do not just sear your own conscience but deceive others with your lies.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I rebuke you Satan. The living God, who hides his face dwells in the deepest darkest depths of the shadows abyss.

All who enter through this gate are blind and do not do so of their own will.

Your “images” are a shitty sims version of reality, a computational algorithm in a dead black box. We are made in the image of Our Father, the living Creator God. May he have mercy on your soul and send the Holy Spirit to dwell upon you.

Next election I’m voting for a write in candidate. His names Lord Jesus Christ... pass it on 💁‍♀️

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