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Excellent. I refer to it as the robotification or commodification of man. Renaud Camus calls it, "undifferentiated human matter." Most Christians churches have bent to it. I am unsure Islam can stand firm. UAE have objected to the US state department pushing LBGT (which commodifies bodies), but Saufi Arabia seems to have joined the global west. Cell phone, propaganda in your pocket, is indoctrination, and reaching the young.

Christianity, "the in this world, but not of this world", is a start, but not strong enough. I found the Benedict Option, head for small towns, isolate in manual labour independent work (not corporate), good advice. Not sure really.

A global depression seems in the offing. I pray this gives large numbers introspection.

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Hi Aionist, I very much enjoyed this series, thank you for sharing it. Here is my feedback:

1. First, nicely written and nice length per each part; it was an easy read and you communicated your points well.

2. I agree with you that the managerial class and its enablers, along with increased technology leading to increased centralization and decreased freedom and autonomy (the "Leviathan") is gradually stomping out the individualism that occurs when we listen to our internal voices; true individuals are becoming harder and harder to find, and NPCs proliferate like wildfire. Individualism should be encouraged no matter how quirky or odd, as long as that person is listening to their own voice.

3. We have been fed so much false information in every aspect of life, undergone so much brainwashing, that the process of becoming individualized by listening to our inner voice feels like a really long-term process, maybe a lifetime process. I definitely don't think that I'm at the end of the process myself, and am constantly learning new things that deepen and enrich my thought processes. It was much easier for people to be their own person in prior generations.

4. I always enjoy when authors reference and discuss Ted Kaczynski, so nice choice on that; an author's willingness to discuss him shows that he is willing to at least wrestle with and contend with anti-social views, which is a marker of free thinking.

5. I have not studied Bronze Age Pervert much, to be honest, because he seems to focus on a combination of hedonism, homosexuality, and anti-natalist values that I don't think have any chance at winning long-term (and which contributes to the criticism of him as a gatekeeper). In 100 years from now if current trends continue you'd see a whole lot of Haredi Jews, a whole lot more Amish, and a lot more fundamentalist Muslims, not BAP types.

6. I don't know exactly what the path forward is, to be honest; it seems like at this point things are destined to get much worse. There are too few awake people and globohomo seems too metastasized, too far along in the process, with CBDCs about to be unleashed which will result in the greatest loss of individual freedom in human history. People are simply too comfortable with their bread and circuses of Netflix, porn, and McDonalds. In addition to the Leviathan that you blame, I think (1) the privately owned central bank owners also share a lot of the blame (although it's not clear how much control they have over this process at this point, which has taken on a mind of its own) and (2) the extreme focus on equality and leveling down anything good and great are tied to the origins of Christianity itself, which can only be addressed via at least a partial Nietzschian transvaluation of values: to accept that inequality is OK on its own without equivocation, that at least in this world inequality is both OK and proper in a functioning society, is needed for any chance at reversal. (That's if one believes in the possibility of success in the material realm, anyway; the world increasingly seems to me that a deeply malevolent Demiurge is in control...)

7. You may want to consider creating a new header on your main page as "Philosophy" or something similar linking to this 3 parter, a summary of it, or at least to part 1 (if that is your intent with the 3 parter; perhaps it is not); your "About" section could also mention it. It is too easy for older posts to otherwise get "lost" so to speak for those who don't dig into the archives of an author's substack -- the general rule should be make it as easy to find and as simple to summarize for ADD-addled readers so that it catches their attention.

8. On a smaller note, you might like this short post by R. Toney Brooks who also delves into the Jungian shadow archetype: https://rationalspirituality.substack.com/p/who-knows-what-evil-lurks-in-the

Anyway overall very solid job with this essay series and I hope you continue to write more.

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